WATCH: American Football – “Never Meant”

Am Football

WATCH: American Football – “Never Meant”

American Football have released a video for “Never Meant,” a stand-out track from their landmark emo classicAmerican Football, which recently received a gorgeous deluxe reissue from Polyvinyl Records. Like the song and album, the video for “Never Meant” is a beautifully panoramic tone-poem of midwestern suburbia, equally enchanted by autumnal landscapes and the everyday spaces of bedrooms, basements and front lawns. The video plays out like a short film, a brief evocation of the album’s novelistic exploration of American youth. Directed by Chris Strong, the photographer whose images of a mythic bucolic midwest have deepened the album’s legendary aura (including the record’s iconic front image of a second story window in fall), the clip captures those images and brings them to life. Watch the clip below, via Polyvinyl, and read our feature on this utterly essential post-hardcore masterpiece.


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