REVIEW: Two Knights – “Regina’s Specter”

REVIEW: Two Knights – “Regina’s Specter”

by Chad Jewett

It’s all there. The punning title; the whiplash pivots between sparkling hush and careening bombast; the thoughtful, progressive lyrics that deal with love and interpersonal connection with real empathy (“I love every time I get to watch you fall in love again / Why should love have any limit?”). Two Knights have carved out an aesthetic that boasts facets of a whole lot of emo’s hallmark acts – the giddy unpredictability of Cap’n Jazz; the youthful melancholy of American Football – but which remains so vivid, so alive. Even though the hairpin turns of their songs must demand careful construction, the stuff seems improvised. At their best, Two Knights find ways of clearing away all the distance between their records and you. “Regina’s Spector”, our first glimpse at their forthcoming new album, Effing, is the Texas duo at the highest definition we’ve heard them yet. The song build’s on the success of 2014’s brilliant Shut Up — its movement, from quiet intro to exuberant coda, assured and purposeful: the sound of a band grown confident enough in their own singular sound that the results sound like the stuff of instinct.

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