REVIEW: The New Year – “Recent History”

REVIEW: The New Year – “Recent History”

by Chad Jewett

Deliberate yet tuneful, fine-grained and sparkling, “Recent History” finds indie rock stylists The New Year returning after a decade away in much the same form that they left with 2008’s The New Year. As with the bulk of that record, “Recent History” takes its time developing, a kind of slow-gathering accumulation echoed in the name of the forthcoming new LP to which the song is attached: Snow. “Recent History” is lovely in its quiet patience, but it also offers a quietly insistent melody that is catchy enough to scan as “pop”, even if it’s nestled into a blanket of hushed subtlety – a hallmark of The New Year carried over from founding members Matt and Bubba Kadane’s origins in Bedhead. Where the steady, cycling rumble of slowcore has historically been the point, The New Year remain essential for the way in which they layer such a striking tune over all that careful texture.

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