REVIEW: Rainer Maria – “Lower Worlds”

REVIEW: Rainer Maria – “Lower Worlds”

by Chad Jewett

It’s a blessing to have Rainer Maria back. We can begin there. But it’s an honest-to-god joy to have them back in such noisy, confident, fiery form. That bass: a choppy, fuzz-shocked marvel. Those guitars and synthesizers: keen, punchy jabs that have the neon pulse of mid-2000s Yeah Yeah Yeahs at heart, even as the song’s thump-thump-thump-thwack beat unearths Led Zeppelin. Those shouts that Kaia Fischer and Caithlin De Marrais share in the song’s bridge (“SLAM SHUT! THE DOORS!!!”) constitute the most fun that any of the reunited bands of post-hardcore’s Class of Generation X has dared to have. Rainer Maria have returned with a purpose and a sizzling kinetic energy to rival even the sharpest moments of 2003’s classic Long Knives Drawn. Our first listen from the band’s forthcoming self-titled LP, “Lower Worlds” is a groove-oriented blast, long on the neo-garage flair of turn-of-the-millennium Dischord and devoted to finding a thrillingly new way of putting the trio’s defining interplay to use. In their long-awaited return, Rainer Maria have offered one of the best songs of 2017 so far, and have opened a compelling new chapter in their own saga.

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