REVIEW: Old Gray – “Everything Is In Your Hands”

REVIEW: Old Gray – “Everything Is In Your Hands”

by Chad Jewett

Whatever you might have been expecting from Old Gray — a band whose discography and general aesthetic are both deceivingly hard to pin down – odds are it wasn’t something as brisk, sharp, and quietly wry as “Everything Is In Your Hands.” The material from 2013’s An Autobiography (the closest we’ve come to a definitive statements from the band – a gap that the forthcoming Slow Burn, set for release through Cam Boucher’s Flower Girl Records, ought to fill) had all the fraught panic and elliptical, boiling build-ups of the bands you’d associate with contemporary screamo – early Thursday, Orchid, and so on. The New Hampshire trio’s new song is more direct than that; more adventurous and curious about rhythms that hit from sharp angles.

The guitars are precise instead of poured on; the intro recalls At The Drive-In at their most pointillist. Boucher’s verses are more willing to offer sentiments with a certain canny self-awareness, an element carried over from his work in Sorority Noise – a band who specialize in emotional language offered in a self-effacing drawl. It all lends “Everything Is In Your Hands” some added depth. It’s funny to see how much more effective the song’s rasp of screams are when delivered beneath Boucher’s Morrissey-esque croon. It’s also amazing to think that no one has thought to do this before and exciting to speculate just what else Old Gray might have managed to deconstruct about how this corner of post-hardcore. We’ll find out sooner than later.

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  1. November 17, 2016

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