REVIEW: Oh Sees – “The Static God”

REVIEW: Oh Sees – “The Static God”

by Chad Jewett

A manic burst that melts down the psychedelics of Thee Oh Sees’ previous two LPs – the trippy one-two punch that was An Odd Entrances and A Weird Exits – into a noise-punk rush, “The Static God” is our first listen from Orc the band’s newest full-length (due in August via Castle Face Records) and their first under new moniker Oh Sees. The song’s brisk pace, which volleys forward at a velocity quicker than the San Fransisco band has moved in quite some time, is a match for that more streamlined name. But even at this new, frenzied clip, the band’s rhythm section remains nimble (the bass in particular never stops moving) and “The Static God” is simultaneously one of John Dwyer’s most atonal and most poppy compositions in ages, moving from the bent-note rat’s nest of its riffs to a surprisingly tuneful chorus. In between all that the loud parts are still announced with Dwyer’s signature clarion call of a “Woo!” and there’s still the expected cool-down of a bridge before the song’s final frenzied outro. Apparently, the change from Thee Oh Sees to just Oh Sees means taking everything that made the previous iteration great and pushing it to a blistering pace. Long live Oh Sees.

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