REVIEW: Minus the Bear – “Invisible”


REVIEW: Minus the Bear – “Invisible”

by Chad Jewett

Rich, gleaming, and entirely hard to define, “Invisible” finds Seattle’s Minus the Bear further cementing the post-genre aesthetic begun on their 2010 album, Omni. The first single from their forthcoming sixth LP, VOIDS (which will be released via the always great Suicide Squeeze Records), “Invisible” is an immaculately produced stack of layers, with guitars melting into synths and vice versa, all atop a fizzy bed of laptop-pop shimmer. The song, simultaneously smart and fearlessly “pop,” is evidence of the ways in which Minus the Bear has figured out how to do something that very few modern rock bands have – namely, making compelling art out of the ultra-synthetic quality of contemporary big-budget production. Only Tokyo Police Club come to mind as a real comparison – another band that kept the imagination of post-hardcore’s best art while bonding it to real hooks. Everything sounds a bit computerized on “Invisible”, but the sizzling brightness of that digital gleam is infectious. And at the core of all that spotless studio work is a hell of a sturdy song, boasting a winning stop-start chorus atop which singer Jake Snider unleashes a wonderful falsetto, turning a wordy line like “All the stone you laid” into a joyful, catchy burst.

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