REVIEW: METZ – “Eraser”


REVIEW: METZ – “Eraser”

by Chad Jewett

Bathed in echo, washed out in distorted fuzz, and delivered in one extended snarl, “Eraser”, the new single from Canadian noise-punk trio METZ, is largely of a piece with the band’s second full length, II, also released this year. What is different, perhaps unexpectedly so considering that their most recent album seemed to find METZ angling for something more direct and massive, is the fact that “Eraser” feels vaguely zoomed out. All that chaotic, woozy reverb (the verses in particular feel like a far-away object being viewed through the wrong end of binoculars) adds up to a distancing effect, which is especially surprising considering that the single is being issued by Three One G, a label marked by the super-condensed grindcore chaos of The Locust or the forceful, bursting garage-punk confections of Head Wound City. Indeed, as with II, Three One G’s house aesthetic (to the extent that you can define one) is precisely the version of punk caterwaul you’d most like to see METZ try out. Instead, “Eraser” is half first-generation British punk (there is a pogoing joy to the shout-along “Eraser!” hook), with the echoing warehouse ambience of No Wave placed between you and a pretty great In Utero approximation. Indeed, the riffs here are terrific (especially in the mid-track bridge), hinged on just the right balance of wriggling atonality and infectious tunefulness. “Eraser” ends up being a good song that you’d love to hear a different version of.

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  1. November 2, 2015

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