REVIEW: Kittyhawk – “Welcome Home”


REVIEW: Kittyhawk – “Welcome Home”

by Chad Jewett

Kittyhawk make music for fall. Resolutely airy and carrying the quality of light refracted through bronzing foliage, the band has a graceful knack for texture and mood – at their best, they capture the affable circling of American Football and re-shape that crisp winding for pop songs. Of the many things that make Kittyhawk great (and, I would argue, one of the two or three most promising bands in this wider scene) is that ability to build highs and lows into musical pallets previously committed to carving out tiny details in repeating grooves. It is no easy feat to work hooks into the surfaces of minimalism.

“Welcome Home”, our first listen from the quartet’s forthcoming full-length, Hello, Again is wistful and painterly and charming. A thin ribbon of guitar arcs across those familiar arpeggios (maybe the one thing we can all agree on when we talk about emo’s aesthetic bones) – the sort of thing Blake Sennett lent to the bittersweet of Rilo Kiley; Kate Grube, whose warm alto is expressive and wonderfully suited to the sepia pastoral of Kittyhawk, lends a lovely descending melody, the aural equivalent of a falling leaf. There is eventually a very good chorus and a span of striking harmonies and a very real sense that Kittyhawk have made something great.

Pre-order Hello, Again (via Count Your Lucky Stars Records) here.

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