REVIEW: The Jazz June – “Edge of Space”

Jazz June

REVIEW: The Jazz June – “Edge of Space”

by Chad Jewett

On “Over Underground” from this summer’s split with Florida emo quartet Dikembe, post-hardcore returnees The Jazz June surprised by unknotting all the tangles and breathing away the tension that defined the nervy, intense experiences of albums like The Medicine and Better Without Air. “Over Underground,” rather than try to re-trace the density and stark angles that soaked through those early-2000s LPs, instead felt airy and buoyant, loping forward as opposed to looping around and around unnerving anxieties. “Edge of Space,” our first listen from the band’s forthcoming full-length, After The Earthquake, feels similarly unencumbered, even as it works through difficult emotional questions and a metaphorical exploration of the 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. Like “Over Underground,” which was leavened with Dinosaur Jr. fuzz and Teenage Fanclub power-pop, “Edge of Space” is also something of a genre experiment for the greater-Philadelphia quartet, this time overlaying their melodic punk expansiveness with dusty, astral alt-country. Ribboned with wide-open slide guitar, broad strums, and an endearingly twangy melody from Andrew Low the song ends up in some middle distance between Beachwood Sparks and Rival Schools. Evan Weiss, who produced After The Earthquake, seems to be drawing on the same freewheeling imagination that made Into It. Over It.’s 2013 LP Intersections feel so flexible and Technicolor, providing room to breathe and space for possibility at the outer spans of The Jazz June’s sound. “Edge of Space” is grand and gorgeous.

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