REVIEW: Hostage Calm – “A Thousand Miles Away From Here”

Hostage Calm

REVIEW: Hostage Calm – “A Thousand Miles Away From Here”

by Trevor Johnson

Hostage Calm has spent the past few years trying to find punk promise in Beatles harmonies. Through all that exploration, a thesis-in-the-works, one would be forgiven for thinking the band had forgotten a great deal about raw, weighty, propulsive rock and roll. But then there’s new single “A Thousand Miles Away From Here”. Essentially a lesson plan in stadium emo, “A Thousand Miles” borders arching, lush hooks with snarled, oblique riffs a la Recover. Wallingford, Connecticut’s favorite sons have essentially crafted the kind of immediately memorable, powerful rock gem that has elluded Dave Grohl for the better part of a decade (after a decade spent defining and perfecting it). The package is only made more compelling by a newfound gravel (and thus, gravitas) in singer Chris Martin’s delivery (with a tiny trace of a Gabe Saporta-like keen in there as well. A compliment, I swear). Though it’s all over in two minutes, “A Thousand Miles Away From Here” (from the band’s upcoming full-length, Die On Stage) is the kind of seamless, concise songwriting for which Hostage Calm ought to be known.

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