REVIEW: ‘Girls’ Season 3, Ep. 4 – “Dead Inside”


REVIEW: Girls Season 3, Episode 4 – “Dead Inside”

by Trevor Johnson

So according to Gawker, among other sources, Hannah’s editor, David, is dead. We last saw him messed up, on Grindr, kicking Ray’s ass at a party to which he was not invited. Hannah, however, is the only person that can’t summon any sympathy for the departed. Rather, she is worried about the state of her eBook, a project that seems only slightly less dead in the water than her former editor. Adam continues to be the voice of reason as Hannah slips deeper into awfulness as the season progresses. The more Adam develops into a real person with proper emotions, no matter how they’re presented, the more you realize this might be his show, and in turn just how smart the writing is. Adam began as the depraved, unlikable sex fiend that peed on his non-consenting girlfriend in the shower and has — without shedding all of that, might I add (in fact, his personal growth is welcome, but doesn’t change those past trespasses) — turned into the most heartfelt and relatable character on the show, proof of Lena Dunham and company’s willingness to let their show grow ever more complicated. Adam lectures Hannah on her callousness as well as her poor taste in internet news sources. I can’t be alone in losing interest in Hannah’s daily activities. Can “The Adam Show” run as an HBOGO exclusive, please? Even if it’s him shirtless, carving things, pulling out his own teeth all day, I’m more interested in that than anything Hannah has done in a while.

Meanwhile, we learn that years ago someone was actually smart enough to give up on Jessa and has only seen pleasant returns ever since. Regardless of the fact that dumping Jessa required the friend in question, Season, faking her own death, it’s great to see more people that have at some point or another refused to comply with her selfish antics. Come to think of it, the only other female we have ever seen who is similarly unwilling to shower Jessa in adoration is Marnie. Kudos to Marnie, who is currently jobless after unloading on Colin Quinn for loving the ‘90s. Can you really blame the guy?!?

Eventually, Hannah, Caroline and neighbor/drug-dealer/jammy councilman Laird embark on a sweet little walkabout. In what could have been an outtake from A Hard Days Night, the three frolic and cartwheel their way through a cemetery on a sunny afternoon. Is this an incredibly ham-fisted metaphor for selfishness in the face of death? Abso-fucking-lutley. But it is also a great example of the type of behavior Hannah will always gravitate towards. While adult enough to sleepwalk through the motions of textbook maturity, Hannah finds solace in women that pull her away from responsibility; first Jessa and now Caroline.

Finally, Hannah lies to Adam about why she reacted the way she did to Dave’s death, to make herself seem like less of a sociopath. That lie also happens to be the same one Caroline told, and eventually admitted to Hannah, simply to watch her world burn. And that’s where we’re left: Hannah has to recycle someone else’s joke-lie just to feign sympathy for a dead friend when all she really cares about is how it all affects her book deal. As the ends of Adam and Hannah begin to fray, just remember what it was like at the beginning of Season 2 when roles were reversed. When Adam’s inevitable torching of Hannah’s world comes, feel free to spend your energy respecting the changes he has made as a person while Hannah plummets towards rock bottom.


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