REVIEW: Football, etc. – “Sunday”


REVIEW: Football, etc. – “Sunday”

by Chad Jewett

“Sunday”, the newest single from Houston emo trio Football, etc. (via a forthcoming Count Your Lucky Stars EP) is warmly conversational, floating in on a haze of organ and clean strums and spending most of its two-and-three-quarter minutes in a ringing middle gear. The band sounds more spacious, as if they’re starting to take real advantage of the wide-open expanse of their native Texas. The track sounds wonderful; the guitars have a bright shimmer and the bass drum a tangible pock, perhaps evidence of legendary punk producer J Robbins’ presence, but also just as likely a sign of how confident Football, etc. have grown in their own quietly vivid sound. “Sunday” takes its time, and is perhaps not as immediately gripping as the more fleet moments of 2013’s great Audible, and yet the band has never sounded better, especially in the song’s striking outro, where a subtle but affecting harmony lifts around Lindsay Minton’s closing refrain: “I am hiding / Can’t you see I’m vanishing?”. It’s another moment of moving, light-touch detail from a band that has mastered the art of quiet poignancy.

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