REVIEW: Football, etc. – “Save”

REVIEW: Football, etc. – “Save”

by Chad Jewett

Last we heard from Football, etc., the Houston trio was exploring the gloomier, more subtle mood music of 2015’s Disappear EP. Set mainly in minor keys that offered real contrast to the more optimistic sounds of 2013’s Audible (which memorably began with the bright, expansive “Fair”), Disappear marked a more somber second act for the band. Some of those darker shades remain on “Save”, the band’s newest single and our first glimpse of Football, etc.’s forthcoming new LP, Corner. But the song is also a sharper, punchier affair, full of quiet/loud pivots that highlight the steely grind of Mercy Harper’s bass (a sound that producer J Robbins is an old hand at capturing) or the sudden uplift of Lindsay Minton’s melodies (“And if you were a ship / I’d be drowning in your wake”). With emo going through a particular diffuse and tuneless phase, it’s a revalation to have Football, etc. back, considering just how good the band is at writing actual honest-to-god songs. And that’s where “Save” builds on the pivot that Disappear represented – by making this new palette work to Football, etc.’s considerable gifts for melody and craft.


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