REVIEW: Football, etc. – “Eleven”

REVIEW: Football, etc. – “Eleven”

by Chad Jewett

Beginning in a hushed haze that slowly expands into crisp, bright focus, “Eleven” – the newest single from Houston’s Football, etc. – is a prototypical example of what the Texas trio does. The guitars shimmer in patient arpeggios. The chorus (“I’d rather beeeee inside ooouuut”) is stretched out and airy. At this point, the band’s focus seems to be on perfecting the finer points of their aesthetic, which, for “Eleven” (yes, that title is a Stranger Things reference), means adding a second layer of melody to the song’s coda and continuing to develop the ways in which bassist Mercy Harper and drummer Daniel Hawkins add bouncy spirit to Lindsay Minton’s ellipitical songwriting. All signs point to Corner – the band’s forthcoming album, set for release via Community Records – being a definitive, high-definition document of Football, etc. at their most confident and comprehensive.

Editors note: “Eleven” was first premiered at GoldFlakePaint.


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