REVIEW: Dikembe – ‘Ledge’



by Calley Nelson

Dikembe’s new EP, Ledge, doesn’t diverge much from the Florida quartet’s previous record, last year’s Tiny Engines-released full-length Mediumship, and their usual suspended chord arrangements. In fact, Ledge listens like a set of b-sides, a collection of deeper cuts that didn’t quite fit on Mediumship. At times the 7” evokes an aura similar to that of Dads’ 2014 LP I’ll Be The Tornado in sentiment, and the new vocal stylings of singer Steven Gray may be a nod towards some new LP — but it’s hard to say. Overall, the songs on Ledge are a little less structured, and the record’s instrumentals are broody and set in the forefront, which at least proves beneficial with the inclusion of a pretty killer guitar solo on “Teeth in the Sink”. One wouldn’t quite say it’s a step in a new direction for the band, but it is one of explorations, particularly in regards to style and structure. It will be interesting to see if Dikembe can avoid the kind of poorly received LP that Dads eventually produced with Tornado, or if Ledge is an early step to something more.

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