REVIEW: Del Paxton – “Take It To The Limit”


REVIEW: Del Paxton – “Take It To The Limit”

by Chad Jewett

When emo first started enjoying its 2010’s renaissance, an awfully high premium was placed on the math-y, tangled-up aesthetic of the genre’s Gen-X Chicago wing: Cap’n Jazz, American Football, Pele, Braid. With a few notable exceptions (the gossamer post-rock of The World Is A Beautiful Place, the power-pop of Annabel), most of that first wave of emo archeologists found room for melodies – whenever that ended up being a focus at all — between piles of bending guitars. But the last few years have seen more and more bands, younger and more removed from the Dischord-indebted sounds of the mid-90s Midwest, reviving the streamlined melody-first sounds of turn-of-the-millennium Vagrant Records. It’s precisely that quality – sturdy songcraft; careful layers – that you find at work in “Take It To The Limit”, the new single from New York trio Del Paxton. Hot Rod Circuit, Moneen, Hey Mercedes – all are touchstones on the 3 minute single, which is unassuming enough to require a handful of listens to fully reveal itself. Indeed, the song’s initial palette – warm and uncluttered, missing a central chorus and instead getting by on texture and mood – is more tempered, less immediately striking than say, the brightest moments of Hot Rod Circuit’s Sorry About Tomorrow. Instead, “Take It To The Limit” is more like one of those albums’ deep-cuts; crisp, subtle, and lived-in.

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