Premiere: Innards – “Slow And Repeat”



Premiere: Innards – “Slow And Repeat”

Innards, an expansive, angular post-hardcore quartet from Fort Worth, Texas, specialize in sharp, feral punk rock, delivered in short, economic bursts. “Slow And Repeat,” one of the band’s two contributions to The Sound of Young America, a split 12″ shared with the like-minds of Calculator (whose 2013 LP was one of our favorites), Capacities, and Itto and released by the always-excellent Flannel Gurl Records, is of a piece with much of what made their 2012 album I’ve Lost Everything a hidden gem. Yet the track also finds Innards’ gale-force aesthetic somehow grown even more sharp, more combustible, more gorgeously tempestuous. Stream the track below and pre-order the album here.


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