LISTEN: The New & Very Welcome – ‘House Fires Of The Modern Age’ (Redux)

LISTEN: The New & Very Welcome – House Fires Of The Modern Age (Redux)

The New & Very Welcome, the Connecticut-based project of singer-songwriter Jess McDermott, recalls emo in its transitional 90s period, somewhere between the more elliptical drama of Mineral’s Endserenading and the minor-key rumination of Rooms Too Cold-era Early November. On House Fires Of The Modern Age, the new seven-song release from The New & Very Welcome (available on cassette via Broken World Media), McDermott and collaborators Michael Buckland and Ryan Morton offer songs that expand out in patient tempos, atop which melodies are similarly stretched-out, syllables hanging in the middle distance. The record ranges from the surprisingly brisk “Greatest Hits” to album-highlight “Quit Saying ‘We’re Fucked’”, which offers a spindly haunted-ness reminiscent of Sunny Day Real Estate circa LP2. Stream House Fires Of The Modern Age below and preorder the cassette from Broken World Media here.

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