LISTEN: Sentiments – ‘Quarter Life Crisis’

LISTEN: Sentiments – ‘Quarter Life Crisis’

Composed of members of the short-lived but well-loved Connecticut emo band Patch Kit, Manchester trio Sentiments largely adhere to that band’s general sound – built from mid-tempos and echoes of late-90s Jade Tree and Polyvinyl. The four songs of Quarter Life Crisis, the band’s debut EP, also recalls stylistic tics from other arenas: “Selective Hearing”, the record’s opening track, is also its best, recalling the catchy Morrissey-worship of Nightmare of You in its hazy tunefulness; “Gin and Platonic” is at first up-tempo yet barbed (think Jawbreaker’s 24 Hour Revenge Therapy), but then blossoms into the wide open brightness of Stay What You Are-era Saves The Day. Stream Quarter Life Crisis here.

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