Interview: For Everest & Carb on Carb

Interview: For Everest & Carb On Carb

by Chad Jewett

On May 10th, the great Pennsylvania-based Square of Opposition Records will be releasing a split 7″ from the equally great For Everest and Carb On Carb. Pre-orders for that EP (which is terrific!) will be up soon here. In the meantime, we chatted with Sarah from For Everest and James from Carb On Carb about the upcoming release.

Where did the idea for this split come from?
Sarah: We’ve only done one other split, and it was with Poison Oak, a band that is made up of members of For Everest. We like working with our favorite people. After seeing Carb on Carb play for the first time at Kling Thing in Ohio, we knew we wanted to work with them somehow.
James: Basically when we met For Everest we bonded really fast. Its kinda surprising but it’s not often you meet a band on the same wavelength. And then once it was suggested it was exciting and it made sense.

[For Everest]

How did you go about picking songs for the split? Is there a process where certain songs are slotted for a split vs. songs that are earmarked for longer releases/LPs?
Sarah: When we started writing again after our LP, “Turnpike” and “Shoes” were the first songs we completed. We definitely wanted to sit on the more thematic songs for our next record. These songs came really easy, but they didn’t fit everything else we were coming up with. It made sense to pair them together.
James: We had these two songs that were written a while after our first album songs and before we got into the right place for the next one. Retirement particularly makes sense for a split because its about feeling in-between.

What’s your favorite split ever?
Sarah: Can’t pick, either Baby Harp Seal & Polaris or TWIABP & Deer Leap!
James: Personally between My Disco/Off Minor and the new Cayetana/Camp Cope.

[Carb on Carb]

Tell us about the songs you included! How do they fit (or not fit) into what your bands have released so far? Are releases like this a chance to try new things/sounds/ideas?
Sarah: These songs feel like an extension of our album, which came out last year. We did get to record this split ourselves, which was a chance to try out new gear in a new space, and figure out what works best for our music.
James: We definitely took steps in new directions; production wise its cleaner than everything else we have done to date. We also allowed ourselves to back off the constant intensity a bit – there are parts in ‘Ma’ with no drums, which I don’t think we would have been brave enough to do in the past. The split songs are a better representation of where we’re at and what you can expect in the future!

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