whole cloth, noun

“pure fabrication —usually used in the phrase out of whole cloth ex: “the theory was created out of whole cloth”
Merriam-Webster Dictionary

half cloth, noun

Half Cloth is a space for music, film, sports, television, and popular culture; a way for us to engage with and think about what each of these means to us, and hopefully, what they mean to you. We chose the name “Half Cloth” as a variation on the idiom “whole cloth,” which implies, positively, making something out of nothing, but which unfortunately also means that that something is usually entirely unreal.

By calling the space for what we’re hoping to do “Half Cloth,” we have in mind the excitement of making something new, from scratch; but we also hope that it rings true — that rather than fabrication, we can strive for connection. We want Half Cloth to be a space that reflects what, in the 2010s, seems obvious, but that we rarely see reflected in most writing about pop culture: that you might be listening to a Superchunk LP between halves of a Warriors game, or that a Big K.R.I.T. mixtape might speak to your experience of an important film or graphic novel in a way that goes sorely unrecognized, and that those intersections need to be appreciated as the best part of a cultural landscape with more to offer than ever before. We’ve started Half Cloth (and invented this space out of “half cloth”) as a way to speak to what is so exciting about popular and progressive art – that you can’t keep any of this stuff from blending, and that the most amazing cultural artifacts that we see today are the one’s that crop up when the cultures we (and hopefully you) love come together.

Trevor & Chad, 2013

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